Monday, November 27, 2006

oh whoa is me

Thank God I've now finally had 2 nights of sleep in a row, it's been shit.  The phone rings at any & all hours for the frickin' son.  I'm about to scream & WAS going to pick up an extra flight just to get my own hotel room for some rest.  Then D told me we were taking his children back home & he was going to stay with some friends a few days.  Thank the Lord.  I have been complaining constantly & Doris has been praying for strength to stand my complaining... as if there's been no reason for it.  She is perfectly happy to have him here.  (Stupid ass no birth control using ex het that she was.)  This 'child' (dumb fuck bastard) is 43.  She loves him.  His children whom he has never sent child support for & Maybe sees once a year (now 16 & 18) love & adore him.  Me,.. he doesn't amuse in the least. 

Well tomorrow is my last day off, after which  I'll be flying 4 days in a row. Normally I would NOT look forward to that.

Don't have to report how I overate like a maniac for "Thanksgiving."  I crammed down TWO heaping plates of delicious food faster than I could even imagine.  I KNOW I've put a lot of weight back on.  Dang.  You know, that's the problem when one is SO rigid & focused for months...  Once you take a bite of deleciousness off the "food plan" it's too hard to stop!  I SO miss the cheese & pasta & rolls & carbs.  (Ate all of it..)  And if I touch sugar, chocolate, ice cream, cakes & cookies (I DIDN'T!) then I'm off on a binge on that, too.  Good for me that I didn't cave in & grab all the desserts!  At least I can say that.  phew!


dghtronly said...

I'm soooo sorry about the stress you've been under. Thankfully, one cause will be leaving you soon. Don't beat yourself up too much about enjoying the Thanksgiving offerings. You did avoid the desserts. I wish I could say that. ;-)

Here's hoping your world gets back to normal soon.


wordsrock said...

My mother enforced strict phone rules:  no calls before 10 in the morning and none after 10 at night.  Good rules they are.  I still use them to this day.

Hope things get back to normal for you soon, KMae.  Whatever normal is!

kmb524 said...

Thanks you guys.  Strangely enough, these past 2 days that we were alone, just the two of us, everything was great & back to "normal."  I don't know why it is that way, but she just gets so different when her kids/grandkids are here - she has no boundaries & everyone gets to do & be whatever & however they want.  It's ridiculous.  

nfluxus said...

Hang tough Kmae. All your blogger girls are with ya.