Thursday, November 02, 2006

Neato Stuff

Hi Y'all.
     I trust you're enjoying my chapters of Lesbiana angst in trying to fine Ms. Perfect.
Wait till Part 3...  It's the hottest one.  I'll put it up at midnight.  There are only 2 more after that.  Well, so far that is, Thank the Goddess! 

Just a few side notes from this week:

I've actually lost 51 lbs now AND I made Lifetime member.  Yeaaaaaaaaa!!!!  lt's a real miracle.  Now if I can just maintain forevermore...  A harder task than loosing, I'm realizing. 

I look better for sure!  I thought I'd be prettier, but I'm still old.  drat! 
At least I FEEL prettier.  And that count's for a lot!  Still got a spare tire, but I'm doing 200 sit ups & if this doesn't help, oh wellllllll!

Trying to be/stay healthy is not easy.  Shit.  I miss my food orgys...  you know...  sitting in bed all alone (I was on layovers in hotels) with all kinds of food galore spread out all over the matteress!  You know you're in trouble when you'd rather eat than fuck. 

Well those days are over, at least for now, one day at a time.  Thank you Jesus!

Last night Doris fell down four steps & hurt her toes.  We went to the hospital today, had xrays & an exam & toe wrap.  I think she's okay & they will call if her toes are broken or fractured.  She can walk.  And thank God it wasn't serious.  D is very accident-prone, but it's been a good while since we visited the hospital.  I know when ever we drive by there I always send up a little prayer of thanks that we aren't actually IN there!

As for me, I'm seeing a white light flash in the corner of my left eye for a week now.  I immediately went to the Eye Dr. & luckily it ISN'T a detatched retina & I'll be fine.  But I needed stronger glasses, which I'm waiting two weeks to get. It's SUCH a fucking scam that it costs SO much money for frames & progressive lenses.  So today I threw one of my hissy fits & got fitted for contacts.  It's amazing, I'm actually typing away here without having to wear readers!  But so far I don't see that well for distance.  Supposedly my eyes will adjust with time.    We'll see...  or not.  Luckily Doris was there to drive me home.  But right now, images on the big screen TV are a blur. 

A Church friend of Doris & her sisters has suddenly passed away.  She is 65 & had a huge asthma attack.  When she called 911, they couldn't understand her address, she must have been really gasping.  It's sad, she was great!  This weekend will be full of wakes & funerals.  Then I'll be flying out again on Sunday. 

But don't worry.  I'll keep posting my coming out chronicals for your reading enjoyment.  Ha!  It's good to be alive.

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dghtronly said...

I was so mesmerized by your saga..I completely missed this post. Glad Doris and your friends are ok. Knocking on wood, haven't had any hospital time in awhile, well, except for tests.  Good luck with the contacts. I don't have any experiences to share, I don't think I could / would ever though, but hey, never say never.

You're well past the weekend now, hope is twas good.