Tuesday, October 16, 2012


So I forgot to mention we got a beautiful little yellow kitten this past summer.  She was a precious little sweetface that has grown into a crazy, insane, nutcase who needs an exorcism, hahaha!  Of course we love her & she is funny a lot.  BUT she flys thru the air from one couch to the other, bites & scratches the shit out of me.  Damn.  I so wanted a little moushe that would just want to cuddle.  Well what I got is AMBER MAE, so I shall be happy with what I have!  Moral of this story... be careful what you ask for!


the only daughter said...

Maybe she'll settle down. I kow next to nothing about kittens, though.

Still, she's cute as a button.

You should see MY two boys reaction to the floppy, moppy dog that has invade their peace, space.


poet said...

kittens are awesome. i have a soft spot for gingers.