Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

OMG!!! I got thru the big
THANKSGIVING ordeal this year!
It ended up being NOT such an ordeal.
It was great.

This is what happened...
D's niece & sister
decided they felt like crap
& didn't want to do Thanksgiving.
Can't blame 'em for that!
It is hard work.
But still
they had it @ Keaven's (nephew)
However we weren't invited
like always in the past.
Hmmm. Wonder why?

My beloved decided that
since we have a new bathroom
& kitchen renovation
She is no longer embarrassed to invite
ALL her children
& grandchildren to the house!
Okay, I understand.


This meant forking over a damn bus ticket for her youngest son (uhm, 47yrs - okay)

Who totally neglected his wonderful children for decades,
Sons who are now 21 & 18,
Never even sent child support
Tho' they love him more than anyone.

Who has NEVER once come this way
from Dtw on his own,

Always pleeds broke
to his (dumbass) mother - my beloved,

who even tho' she can't pay all her bills
& creditors call her out the whazoo -

STILL buys that piss-ass fuck-off
a $130 greyhound ticket
so she can SEE the little butthole
she loves so dearly.

"He's MY SON, I need to see he's okay...
I'm just grateful he's not in prison
or a drug addict..."


Each year I go thru the resentment

of having this bullshit con-artist,


barf for brains


Lay all over my couch,

Constantly use the phone,

Eat everything in the house,

Not give his sons who adore to see him
Or his Mother
the time of day...

I fucking can't stand this dipshit douchebag.

But I digress..

Babydoll worked like a damn kitchen slave,
I worked my ass off vacuming & dusting & shining...
Everything was ready on time,
They all came late,
The food was DEVINE,
Everyone was So Happy to be here @ Grandma's house,
(guess I just live here...)
All were EXCITED the above mentioned jackass is here,
Girlfriend was estatic to have all her family around her,
And we were both proud we did it ourselves!

All in all, it was GREAT!
Loud & Chaotic...!

And 2 days later Herman (the looser..)
(Who changed his own name
& now goes by Asmar..)
She shouldn't have named him Herman
After his father...

(ASS mar) imo...ha!

Is still here
On the couch.


Says he'll be here
for 2 weeks.

Shoot me now.


poet said...

oh no, sorry to read that. i guess you will have to buy another ticket to get him home? take care ok?

KMae said...

No she only buys one way tickets hoping he will move back to Jersey & stay...

This has been going on for decades.
I should get used to it.
Maybe I should think of it as luck that he doesn't live here & so then,
not mind paying.

the only daughter said...

Oh wow. But, at least you had a good time some of the time.

KMae said...

Yes Deborah I actually did have a good time & am trying to get along with the fucktard camping in the livingroom. What an ass. I'm trying to figure out the lesson I'm supposed to be learning from this son. God Goddess Universe sure has a strange sens of humor, but I am not amused...

JulieB said...

Oh my fucking gawd...not sure how you put up with that! totally insane. Guess you have to find the little pleasures somewhere! Gee does he know what a turd you know he is? You need a flippin medal woman! Love ya twinnie