Thursday, March 11, 2010

Holding My Breath

I am SO excited!!! 20 days....! Can't believe this time has finally come... Praying it will all go well, holding my breath I don't get fired for something- anything - the company hates us, FA's are going to strike soon because of (no) contract negotiations... & you just NEVER know when management's Big Ole Shoe will drop next!

I am SO close to retirement I can TASTE it!!!

I have run out of sick time, it's been 11 months I've been on sick leave for hip pain bursitis & now, heel spurs. I just can't walk, can't do the job - even if I wanted to.

Got REALLY fat, but I just broke 200lbs, & now weigh 198 lbs @ ww's. Can't exercise, it makes loosing weight SO hard. But of course I don't want to exercise anyway. I love my bed. I love naps. I love TV & snuggling. Never got to slug- out like this for so long before in my whole life. But I digress..

April First!!! Yep, that's my OUT date! Since it's April Fool's Day no one will believe it's real until the 2nd, ha!

But I think it's appropriate- The company has played us for fools ever since 9/11 taking away half our pay & so much else. If I hadn't of had to work SO hard for so much overtime, trying to make up for so much stolen salary to make ends meet, I wouldn't have turned into a limping, lurching, non- ambulating, pain jolting, cane grabbing, fucked up gimp.
Word y'all.

One day you can walk, the next you can't. So damn weird.

I'm a idiot, but I never once thought my body would give out like this, no matter HOW many miles & years I charged back & forth, up & down those ailes, turbulence throwing me into the walls so often I didn't even notice any more... None of us do, it's so regular... Your spine gets twisted & thrown out jostling to balance in the 'easy chop,' your knees are tortured & suffer, Your piercing backaches creak, your throbbing feet just scream after long inflight days... & let me not forget about the shooting sinus migraines from prolonged pressurization & recycled "air."

Yep, no doubt about it....
I have waited too long to retire.
Amazing what we put ourselves through when there is not enough money to pay bills.

I took the year off to get better thinking I'd get back to work. I'm out of sick time now & I ain't better.
Big, fat writing on the wall!!! TIME TO GO.

Okay, what can I say? I'm throwing in the towel, hoping all goes well & 'The Company' won't try to fuck me yet again in some bizarre way.

20 more days... a day under 3 week!!

I'm SO excited!!!!!!!



JulieB said...

WOOOHOOO I'm SO glad you are retiring! Cindy and I have talked about if we ever get out east to look you up! She loves you and thinks you are hilarious! LOL I never realized how much FAs go through but it makes sense you would have all those health problems! April 1st, I sure hope like hell you CELEBRATE all those years you put up with bad passengers and a hurtin body(but you are still gorgeous!)I am keeping my fingers crossed that they do right by you!! Here for ya twinnie!

KMae said...

Thanks Julie (& Cindy!!) I can't wait. It would be so fun to meet you guys in person some day!!!

the only daughter said...

20 days and counting. YaY for you!

I love my bed. hehehehe...YaY!!

KMae said...

Oh Deborah, I can't believe it!
And yeah
I LOVE MY BED!!!! D says, K, you Have to move.I know she's right. But I don't wanna. I've been running & flying all over creations for 42 yrs & I swear, vegging out is SO gooooooooddddd.

Maria said...

Fingers crossed...