Sunday, February 07, 2010


So here's the thing..
We get along So well when it's just she & me..
Life has been better.
It's really GOOD until her relatives are around.
I can't believe we've made it thru 28 years when we both are SO different. Guess we love each other. Sure feel like it when we're together - alone!
She really IS gorgeous to look at, & everybody thinks she is one sweet angel. She is around them all.

But then there's me to say, HEY - this is fuckked up. I DO go along with her program a lot. But some things I blow up over because they are just too outrageous to me. Well all this is an excuse for my behavior, I do need to get my anger under more control I guess.

Because we DO have so much fun together. I am looking fwd to the superbowl today. I hate sports, but have always enjoyed watching the superbowl (with Doris alone) because she is so into it. Of course it I were on a trip or she were elsewhere, I would never bother...

So I gotta go get a few things, & go to the gym spa before she gets home from church. Whirlpool & steamroom here I come!


the only daughter said...

Clearly, there is magic and a forumula to your success.

Yay for the two of you.

And yay for togetherness!

Maria said...

Did your team win?

KMae said...

No it didn't Maria, but it's okay - I'm happy for the Saints.

Thanks Deborah.