Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11 eight yrs later

So. It comes back every year. On TV, radio, in papers for the entire day. God, it is a constant, 24 hr rememberance of the shock, terror & insane horror from the worst day of so many New Yorkers & other Americans.

For Flight Attendants - we'll never forget. All of us handle it differently in our lives, but make no mistake - it is always there in the back of our minds the minute we step foot in any airport or on every plane systemwide.

Of course this is all subconscious because who in their right mind (& I use the term lightly for many of us -ha!) would be able to obcess upon it every minute of the day & fly as often as we do?

We are brave survivors & professionals; sometimes it can seem to us that we're professional survivors with some of the passengers we have to deal with & flights that go on forever & last all day...

Speaking personally for myself the long hours, the hard work, all the passenger conversation, & sharing the work load with so many wonderful Flight Attendants get me thru my days & any post traumatic stress that could easily jump to the front of my cranium.. Because if I were to be honest, - that too (pts) - is always hanging in the back of my mind - like a thug lurking in the shadows ready to jump out to bash my brain & destroy my peace.


Maria said...

I know. A friend of mine was a flight attendant and she retired in 2001. It was just too much for her. She is back in college now, getting her degree in Special Ed.

KMae said...

Now ya got 2 FA friends!