Sunday, May 24, 2009


I am so excited! Today I am 62 whole years old! phew! Never thought I would make it this far. Well, you don't think of aging as a kid - only that you too will someday turn 80 something like your grandparents, but who ever dwells on that when you're young, thriving & living life 100 miles an hour in the fast lane?

Here are my most memorable highlights thru the years so far:

Adopting my brother for my 3rd birthday!

Nursery School!

1st grade!

The beginning of MANY wonderful family vacations camping at US national parks ea year!

YMCA Sleep-away camp for years!

Move from Dallas to Richardson!

Big new house & my own room!

Best Friend Tina!

Jr. High (ugh) & braces!

Roller Skating!

Girl Scouts!

Dance Classes!


High school!


Dances & boyfriends!

Proms & Graduation!

Beauty Pageants!

Going away to College!

Rooming with Tina!

New friend Jeannie!

1st love boyfriend Bobby! (4yrs)

Campus & fraternity parties!

1st car - red Corvair convertable with black upholstry!!!(Favorite Best memory ever of my father buying it for me at a gas station on the way to my jr year in college! - they got tired of driving me & picking me up)

Family moving to California!

Beautiful new big house!

Swimming pool (put in on my birthday!)


Stewardess College!(back in Texas)

Getting based in New York!

Moving to NYC!!!


Studying jazz ballet on Broadway with Luigi!!!

Sex (finally!)


Loving Jim!

Loving Jordan.

Loving Gay friend Franklin! (Hawaii trips & discovering the gay scene.)

Disco Queen!

Loving & living with Charlie!

Therapist Sylvia!

Loving Sal

Loving & living with Doug!

Coming OUT!

Loving & living with Kay.

Therapist Leah!

Loving & living with Wendy!

Stop drugs & booze!

The beginning of many 12-step programs thruout the next decade! (They saved my life!!!)

Loving Judy!

Loving & living with Doris!

Best Therapist Carolyn!

Buying a house in NJ with Doris!

Growing old together!
(27 yrs & counting!)

Working with triple buddy bidders Marilyn & Pam for 35 years!

Working with many other wonderful Flight Attendants over 40 yrs!

Planning retirement!

I feel very lucky, happy & blessed.
Today I am just relaxing & counting my blessings. There are so many more I haven't mentioned.

But the very best thing of making it to 62 is that when the time comes and I DO get to retire, I shall be able to collect Social Security to supplement my puny retirement check...
Which won't be much since I'll be taking it early, but so be it!
At least I made it this far!



the only daughter said...

Congratulations!!!! Many happy returns of the day and very best wishes for the days yet to come.

Anonymous said...

Now that sounds like a life very well lived!

Happiest of birthdays to you!

Zoe said...

Congratulations! Happy Birthday!

eb said...

Happy birthday Kathy!! You have had a very eventful life. Right now I'm celebrating your wonderful life with an apple. Hey, it's a good apple. Hope you had a relaxing day.

KMae said...

Thanks y'all!

Apples for everyone!!!

Val said...

Happy Birthday, Kathy!
Great post... good life behind ya, but many more good memories to make ahead of ya!

JulieB said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (belated!) to my 62 year old TWIN! YAY! I turned 44...I do have a hard time believing I am this old, and that Brittany will be 21 next year. It's craazy...but a fantastic ride, isn't it? CONGRATS for all that lovin and livin...oh yah
Love you!