Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I am still sickly. What the hell?? I have to try not to let this develop into the flu. Yesterday on the plane it occured to me that this could be allergies? So today after waking up all snottilish I took an Allegra D that the doc gave me for allergies last year. I Never had allergies before last year so I don't know how to recognize if it is a cold or what. Anybody out there know?

Also, the sump pump stopped working & there was a flood int the basement. Over an inch worth that soaked into the carpet. Crap. So now we have it working if we go down & shake the hose, but it doesn't work by itself so that is a lot of running down the steps.

At least shaking the hose makes it work. guess it's time to buy a new pump. Wish we had more money. fuck.


the only daughter said...

Here's hoping the Allegra D does the trick to the snottilish feelings.

I've had skin allergies most of my life, but as I've aged, those have abated--but the snotty kind has developed. I initially mistake the onset as a cold too, still. Usually, body aches accompany my colds. Not so with the "allergy" events.

Bummer about the pump. :(

Zoe said...

I'm a life long allergy sufferer. Like a cold, allergies can make you tired and feel generally like crap, but no fevers, no aches is probably allergies. If you take antihistamines and the symptoms subside then it's probably allergies.

Allergies can be different for everyone. My allergies are different during different seasons. Some seasons I get the classic runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing; some seasons I just get sinus pressure and migraine headaches. If I leave my allergies untreated I get asthma. Also I sometimes get itchy skin. But since I've had it all my life, I know what it is and what to do for it. but like I said, it's different for everyone.

If the Allegra works then I'd stick with it. You may not always need the D part of Allegra D. Clariten works for some people too.Drink plenty of fluids, and avoid excess caffeine when taking decongestants.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Allergies can develop and can change at any point in our lives. Mine were pretty bad in San Antonio, and I was taking Zyrtec, D every morning, and regular at night. Now I just take Claritan once in a while. Don't forget to check the expiration date on the meds if you've had them for a bit.

Val said...

Feel better, kiddo!

Allergies suck, though, thankfully I've never suffered from them.

KMae said...

Deborah- are your skin allergies like ecsema? I get that too. It drives me nuts.

Zoe- wow that is really helpful information. thankyou so much. scarey about the asthma.

Pixie- yeah the allegra d expires in May.

Val- thanks i am feeling better now, it was probably both a cold AND allergies.

IndigoSunMoon said...

It never fails. When something happens, there never is enough money to get it fixed. Nothing ever breaks down at a "good" time.
As far as the allergies goes...I swear, the pollen this year is stifling. I go outside and its almost like it coats my whole body.
The Allegra D is a great drug for that...and in between time, if your nose starts running like a wet weather spring...pop a few Benadryl to dry it up.
Pollen Pollen! Go Away!