Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Doris & I had a big fight this afternoon.  Huge fight.
It was about money.
She doesn't ever seem to have much, certainly not enough to pay her part of the bills.  She says she 'pays them', but she only partially pays & so the rest is added on to the next bill & the next, etc.  It's very difficult dealing with someone like this. I really want to eat over it.  Stuff down all those negative feelings.

She claims to have paid "everything.  I paid it all" before she retired.  She did not as I always paid the mortgage & she paid the other stuff.  Anyway, I don't know how I'm supposed to pay all the rest as well as the mortgage, I just simply don't make enough money.  I can't do real estate anymore, it's not for me. 

My back went out a few weeks ago, & my neck had just gotten better from going out.  But it now has gone out again, so I can't work out at the gym.  I'm not looking fwd to weigh in at WW tomorrow. 

Doris informed me she would be moving out to a senior citizen apt building & I can just keep the damn house.  That everything was fine when she worked & had money, but now I am just driving her crazy.  Ah, yeah back at ya.

We really scream at each other now.  I'm sure the damn neighbors can hear us.  But after that, things seem to be back to normal. 

I later asked, so when do you think you'll be moving to the Sr Citizen building?  She laughed & said I ain't going anywhere babe.  But I just wonder....

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sassyfemmect said...

I'm sorry you're going through that.