Monday, September 17, 2007

It's getting cold

Dang.  It's COLD.  I had to put on shoes & SOCKS this weekend, sandals made my feet feel like blocks of ice.  I hate having to give up sandals.  Doris didn't want to go to the shore, said it was too windy & cold down there.  She was probably right but I still wanted to go,  Oh well.

SO, we went to the movies.  Saw The Brave One with Jodie Foster.  WOW!  That is one fine dyke!  What a great flick.  Loved it!  What a great fantasy to just go around blowing assholes off the face of the earth. 

Then saw The Borne Ultimatum with Matt Damon...  Lots of action, but more Doris' style.

Then snuck into Super Bad, but D couldn't take even 5 minutes of it so we left.  It was sorta lame. 

Of course I ate the delicious butter popcorn!  Dang, it smells so GOOD when you walk into the fricking theater, every time! 

But I HAVE been off ICE CREAM  for 5 days now.  Oh the Jones, the yearning!!  Gotta put it down.  Miss it.  Want it.  But I got fat again.

It's official, I gained 15 lbs above my WW limit.  And you know, it crept on so FAST; June, July, August.  POW!  Looking 4 mos pregnant here.  Damn. 
Note to self:  Loosing 50lbs & looking great doesn't take away depression. 

Here's the thing.  I have to work 2 more years before I get to retire.  I just do, but it makes me morose.  Anyway....  I can go through 2 years & watch food & portions & stay relatively healthy...  OR I can just say fuck it, like I did this summer, eat everything I want & look like a damn blob when I finally retire.  hmmmm.

15 lbs isn't so much, though I can't imagine how long it will take to loose it this time.  I don't like feeling "buttjiggle" when I run a short distance.  I don't like feeling SO tired.  Since it took a year to loose 50 lbs before, it seemed so slow that I never realized I felt better.   Just  15 extra lbs & I definately feel like shit.  (Of course it  COULD  have something to do with all that  SUGAR  (poison) I have ingested.)  Not to mention, I feel 'weezy' when I lie down. 

So time to get a grip. 
Time to fly out.


dghtronly said...

Brrrr.. it got pretty chilly here (overnight ) too. I had to turn on the radiator in the bathroom because I hate hate hate a cold bathroom.

Bummer about the extra weight, summer will do that to a body. Don't fret too much, you're in good company. ;) I had my own little melt-down, blow up body.

You did it before, you can do it again. I know you can. :)


sassyfemmect said...

If you did 50 you can do 15, just be patient with yourself!  :)

I hate being cold, but I love being able to wrap up in cozy sweaters.