Saturday, July 23, 2016

Well I'm Backkkkk!!

Good Lord, took forever to get another laptop to write on. I just couldnt seem to write on the small or large tablets, I need a keyboard.

So anyway, life is great.  Except I'm even fatter.  Pretty embarrassing.  I keep telling myself Im still fabulous, but Im not.  
Truth is, Im thinking MAYbe its because there is less sex than we used to have.  Heck, Im 69 now & I don't even feel like getting it on anymore...
Used to be crazed... But now I'm too tired, exhausted, no more estrogen, hell I just want to EAT & sleep. I don't know which I LOVE more...Sleeping or EATING!!  Well TV is still pretty damn great too!  Yep.  that's about it.  Seems like Doris lost interest quite awhile back anyway, but #1: she never Was that into it... had raised 3 children alone doing 2 &3 jobs a day, hell she was just pooped!  And..#2 She is 80 now!  EIGHTY!!  WOW!  Hell Im just grateful she's still alive!!!  Me too, thrilled Im still alive too! But at the rate Im going (eating unhealthy & Not exercising,) (Hell I don't even want to Move!) I may just be digging myself an early grave. The pain from my spine into my back & legs- I can barely walk now, & my girth (230something lbs) makes it even harder.  boo hoo, waa waa poor me.  I gotta get a fucking grip, dammit.  

The end.

For now.   

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Middle Girl said...

welcome back. Hallejuah on being "here"! Bravura to you and Doris.