Sunday, February 23, 2014




OMG I have missed blogging SO much.  I couldn't remember my damn stupid password.  After 2 years, I finally figured out to make a NEW password.  I have never been smart- so to speak.  I hope I don't forget this new word.  Of course I'll write it down, but still.

Now here's the thing.......  
I would almost say BLISS!  
Except I'm still FAT.  

So far I've dropped 10 lbs this time around at WW.  
Was 15 lbs, 
but I got off at a damn Superbowl party 
& put 5 lbs back on.  
Fuck. sigh.  
Gotta get strict again.
I can do it dammit, 
if I just try.

So Valentines Day was the best ever... 
In spite of all the 10 or more snow storms this winter, 
I'd gotten the flowers, presents, balloons & cards 3 days early because I knew we'd be snowed in AGAIN...  

That morning I put on the song 
We were still in bed & we exchanged our presents -
We put on engagement rings!  
(It had been SO much fun buying them 
out of the blue at the jewelers!  
Will you marry me?  And we laughed! .. 
So great!)   I was on such a high!

Went to brunch at the Westfield Diner.
Then to see two mushy romantic movies 
which we actually enjoyed!  

Stopped at the A&P on the way home 
where we saw a lesbian friend 
(who has been computer-ordained to marry people) 
& excitedly showed her our engagement rings.  

Right there in the Deli Section 
she took our ring hands 
in each of her hands 
& said "do you & do you?" 
We said Yes! & all laughed!  

Then I said wow, I wonder 
if we're really married now, 
she said I think you are...?!  
I'll have to look it up, 
there are still papers I haven't filed with the state...  
And then we all cracked up!

But I WAS THRILLED thinking 
it just MAY have been possible!  
I mean who knew I would have that reaction 
to suddenly, 
the spur of the moment 
getting married in the A&P 
of all the crappy places, 
but I felt jubulant!  
Excited to the fullest measures!
I was bouncing up & down 
With sheer JOY! 

And in the damn deli section no less. 
But you know...
When you've been together 32 yrs
And it's always been against the law to marry, 
Now suddenly, 
FINALLY it's legal!?! 
Honey the A&P will be just fine.

We got home & I kept saying to Doris-
We may actually be married! 
5 minutes later.. We may actually be married!
20minutes later.. We may actually be married!!
She kept saying, Kathy we are not yet married, 
just please settle down.
(We had planned to tie the knot 
on our 7/17 anniversary.)  
Which obviously we still are.
That will be the day!

Man the more things change,
the more they stay the same...
40 yrs ago, 
I'd lived with & loved a man for 6 yrs
who had a deli in NYC.

Knew better than to marry him, tho'.


the only daughter said...

And blogging (well, bloggers--this one anyway) has missed you.

Congratulations on your engagement and impending nuptials.

KMae said...

Thank you Deborah!!!

the only daughter said...

You're welcome, Kmae