Friday, August 19, 2011

Say WHAT???

OMG One more week of AUGUST.
One more week of SUMMER, virtually.
Fuck shit piss.
This summer once again FLEW by.

Lots of rain,
So it was harder to enjoy the outdoors.

Finally have made it to the shore
4 times.
Nature's valium...
Love the beach SO much,
even tho' we saw a flasher -
I yelled P E R V E R T !..
As we left.

Doris said
How did you know his name is HERBERT?
God that was funny.
We are definately older -

Can't hear for shit
Even when yelling...


the only daughter said...

You crack me waaaayyyyy the PHUCK!!! UP!!!! Herbert!!!

I JUST (well, about 3 hours ago) said to a co-worker, WTHeck, happened to AUGUST???!!! Geeeebus.

At least the humidity decided to give us a break.

Maria said...

I am not a fan of July or August. Too hot. Too humid. But, then...September comes and I get all clingy to summer.

e said...

OMG! That was so funny! You and Doris are cracking me up!

Yeah, sad about summer going away, but agree with Maria. Can't handle the heat but miss the good weather when it's gone.

CJ said...

Thanks for the good laugh and big smile this evening!

Alice said...

too funny!! I def am not a fan of the hotter summer months tho. I hide in my house and count the days till fall :p