Monday, April 05, 2010

I'm RETIRED!!!!!!!!!!

Free at last!
Free at last!
Thank God Almighty
With apologies to Martin...!
Glory Alleluia & THANKYA Jesus!!!!

I'm so grateful,
There are barely any words to describe.
I made it out of the Airline Pit -
To the other side of LIFE.
I feel so lucky
That I got out before I got
Something we all work with
In the back of out minds-
At least I did-
That's just how paranoid
The company makes us.

I woke up early on APRIL 1ST
With great Joy & Ecstasy
Bubbling up from my heart!
'I'm retired!!' I whispered to myself...
And inside my head I heard
A small clear voice, "we made it!"
Hello Julia! And thank you -
You & ALL my many multiple personalities
(Julia had corralled along my way)...
Each has gotten me thru it all,
Thru my entire life thus far.

I slipped on my Crocs
& ran outside in my sleep tee.
It was still dark
& the stars sparkled extra brightly!
The sun was just starting to rise
& the birds were beginning to stir & tweet,
"Kathy's retired!" "Kathy's retired!"
I felt electric!
Never before had I seen & inhaled
Such a beautiful early dawn!

Any other time
I would be cussing & moaning
About having to get up so early
To put on make-up
& get my ass to work.

It was a magical day !
And the only other time
I felt so happy, proud & smart
Was High School Graduation.

I have been truly blessed,
God, Goddess, Universe
Has seen me thru
And helped me make it
To the other side of Seniority!
Thru both Heaven & hell,
I am still here!


Anonymous said...

Many happy and healthy years of retirement wished for you!

Maria said...

So what will you do now? What are your plans?

KMae said...

I plan to SLEEP!!!!
Aren't I ambitious?

the only daughter said...

Congratulations!! Happy sleeping.

Val said...

Congrats! Enjoy your retirement! C'mon sleep? Remember all the time you wished you didn't have to work so you could do...... (fill in the blank!) Well, here's your chance.

Happy for you and Doris...

KMae said...

Yeah Val, I wished I didn't have to work so I wouldn't have to WAKE UP!!! I know I should do more, but I really wanna sleep!

eb said...

This is awesome. Congratulations on making it to retirement and not having to worry about that crap anymore. Enjoy your late mornings and online time.

KMae said...

Yeah, Baby!!