Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Summer is Zooming by

Oh my GOSH, almost a month since my last entry.  Summer is zooming by, I can barely stand to think it will be over so soon.  Flights are jammed packed & I am flying my butt off, making that overtime.

Just an observance:  People are NUTS!

I've put on 10 lbs, just pissed I have to work so hard.  I want ice cream, it's summer for Crise sake...  Dammit.  I'm sick of dieting, had to pay at WW for being over my max.  But I still go.  I must get a grip & I will.  Soon I hope.

Been flying 2days on 1 day off, feel like I've been on a marry-g-round.  Take that one day & go to the shore with Doris in the RV!  So  soothing there!  love it!  Love summer.  Don't get around to blogging on my days off because I'm living life here!  It's been great, no kids, grandkids or family, just Doris & I!!!!! 
You KNOW that's my favorite type of life!!
My Baby & me!!!
oh YEAH!

Have 2 whole days off for a change, going to brunch at Perkins, then maybe back to the beach!!  Nature is pure beauty!


dghtronly said...

Bummer about the weight--but you'll get it under control, I'm sure of it!  Pleased to read you are taking full advantage of your time off, spending it wisely in the arms of the one you love, in a place you both enjoy so.

Good to "see" you.

val41221 said...

You sound happy... that's great!  But glad you posted! ;)

Keep enjoying your time with your gal -- ;-D

bentfabric77 said...

Nice to see I'm not the only one absent from the blogosphere.

Sorry about the weight, but don't give up.

Glad you and Doris are enjoying your quality time together. :)

sassyfemmect said...

I have no doubt the weight will come off, no worries.

So glad you're enjoying your summer!