Thursday, May 31, 2007

On Turning 60

So far 60 is GREAT!!!  It's been 7 days now, haha!

Seriously, the 50's did NOT thrill me. 
It was too chock full of shocking body changes, hot flashes, weight gain & no energy. 
It was one year into the next of frickin' issues & stress, trying to hang on to status quo & convince myself that attempting to age gracefully wasn't the biggest crock of bull pookie Madison Ave ever tried to shove up our (un)consciousness. 

Now with that decade of frenzie & panic,
(all the while telling myself to remain calm & not to scream from the fright of settling reality,
not to mention those woefully painful glances into the f%@king mirror (lest somebody commit me to the nearset asylum for agravated acute screaching banshee syndrome) under my (ever expanding) belt...
I feel that I can now roll peacfully & happily into 60 with a sigh of relief! 

Altho' most women this age have been able to retire I shall try to patiently wait for 2 more years & enjoy the time left with many Flight Attendants I do love working with. 
I am grateful Doris & I are still in good health,
not to mention Fine Silver Foxes entering our "Act III" with a vengeance & suvivor's victory! 
Pass the next issue of AARP, fire up the RV & we'll drive into the sunset of our next adventures!  (With maybe a few naps here & there.  Ha!)

All in all, I am so happy! 
The 60's were really good back when we were living through them into the 1970's...  
I have a feeling being 60 is going to be GREAT as well!!

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dghtronly said...

Oh well, being on the verge of 50, sounds like I might need to start learning to exercise even more....patience.